CBD Hemp Oil and Sports

CBD Hemp Oil and Sports

by Brian Theriot There is increased interest in having world class athletes tested for CBD.

The immense pressure to compete internationally at peak levels in many sports leads world class athletes to explore all legal means to gain training advantages.

Having competed in track and field at a world class levels for ten years, I know the exact pressures and do know that CBD, more specifically, well tested CBD hemp oils, are in fact a benefit to overall health.

In my sport the demands of training meant 100 miles plus weeks of running both on the track and off the track on intense road runs. The pounding of the artificial track surfaces, and miles and miles of cement roads, does impact the muscles tissues. The oil of the CBD has indeed a strong effect on the immune system, and can be used to facilitate the recovery of our physical body, to increase physical and psychological well-being, to improve athletic performance, or to be a nutritional carrier.

Recently, the attention of researchers and consumers is focusing specifically on properties of CBD oil that is extracted from hemp. It is a completely natural product with many beneficial and therapeutic properties against chronic diseases, or inflammatory diseases, but also effective to treat various other disorders. CBD replaces much of the supplement mega dosing I was undergoing during a decade of world competitions in track and field. There is tremendous stress, both emotionally and physically, that is caused by international sports and a fan base that do want to see athletes perform at their natural best.

Hemp based CBD oils, to go even further, are a natural supplement no different than many of the legal supplements I was tested for throughout the 80’s at mandated drug testing sessions. For recreational athletes and for the average person putting in daily workouts, I believe CBD oils are a natural extension of vitamin supplementation to allow for natural and legal physical performances. Fortunately, for the average person seeking to have a better life in performing their workouts, CBD oils, below specific THC levels and hemp based, are legal in the United States, plus perfectly safe, and non-addicting.

We are on a revolutionary course in physical maintenance. CBD oils are the point for change; a change that is long overdue.

Author Brian Theriot is a former United States world class middle distance runner and 1984 USA Championships Bronze Medalist 800 meters, personal bests of 1:45 800 meters, 3:36 1500 meters, and 3:56 for the mile. He competed internationally throughout the decade of the 80’s and is the first sub 4 minute miler in world history to play college football at age 32. Brian graduated UCLA as an NCAA champion and team captain in track and field.

February 27, 2019

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